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Benefits & Advantages 27.07.2015
The domestic colon hydrotherapy

Domestic colon hydrotherapy can help re-establish the intestine's functionality, which is undermined...

News 30.11.2015
Professional colon hydrotherapy

Professional colon hydrotherapy: a machine for surgeries, care homes and the hospitals.

Diseases & Conditions 10.02.2021
Treatment of diverticula with hydrocolontherapy

A natural cure for diverticula? The periodic hydrocolontherapy, to keep clean the intestine and prevent...

News 10.02.2021
How to overcome addiction to laxatives

Do you know how many side effects laxative drugs have? Lots of them. You can heal with hydrocolontherapy.

Benefits & Advantages 24.03.2021
The benefits of hydrocolontherapy: advantages and methods

Hydrocolontherapy, intestinal washing with hot water, helps to expel fecal material and promotes the...

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