Rectal irrigation: what does it consist of and to whom is it useful?

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What is the rectal irrigation? What benefits could it bring?

The rectal irrigation is a treatment act at helping evacuation of the faeces from the intestine, and which allows a deep cleansing of then colon. It simply consists of painlessly inserting a little silicon speculum into the colon, which introduces tepid water of controlled pressure and temperature.
The rectal irrigation is advised to those people who suffer from constipation, irritable colon, incontinence, lazy intestine and even important neurological diseases (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Parkinson’s, spina bifida and much more). At any rate, it is a useful treatment to all those who feel digestion and/or evacuation’s disturbances.
What are the advantages obtainable via the rectal irrigation? Reduction of the evacuation times, total and deep cleanliness of the colon, removal of the waste substances and toxins that accumulate on the last tract of the intestine, reduction of urinary infections, reduction or complete removal of pharmaceuticals relating to such disorder… more generally, a great improvement to the quality of life will be obtained.
After a consultation and agreement with your general practitioner, do contact us to obtain further information about the rectal irrigation, and to be introduced to Natur Life Style’s medical devices.

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