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A solution to make you feel rejuvenated and healthy

A simple, absolutely painless, non-addictive treatment. The benefit of water and deep cleansing that solves many ailments related to the malfunction of the intestine.

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Colon hydrotherapy is a treatment that helps solve many ailments that worsen the quality of our life, including:

  • constipation
  • diarrhea
  • indigestion
  • frequent use of laxatives
  • bloating
  • intestinal fermentation
  • headache and migraine
  • halitosis
  • dermatolo

Convenient and safe to use, in the privacy of your home

We offer safe and certified medical devices, which can be used easily and in total autonomy even at home, for professional treatments at home.

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The answers to your questions

We try to answer all your doubts and curiosities about hydrocolontherapy, vaginal washing and all the benefits that these treatments bring.

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Lactic ferments are probiotics, that is, man's 'friends', those who increase the defenses of our organism, who fight against 'our enemies' and who elaborate some vitamins and other very important substances for us. These benefactors are basically lactobacilli and bifidobacteria, present in yogurt and other dairy products.
To help the development of 'friendly bacteria', prebiotics play an important role, which we can simplistically define as 'food for bacteria'.
Inulin is one of the most important: it is a particular sugar that is found in nature in many plants, especially the chicory root and Belgian endive.
A healthy diet must include a habitual introduction of vegetables with a possible dietary supplement of prebiotics to keep the 'friendly bacteria' vital and efficient and thus strengthen our body's defenses.
The administration of probiotics is certainly very important but it is equally essential not to make them starve!

Constipation is not a disease but a symptom that identifies a person's difficulty and / or discomfort in eliminating their feces.
The incidence of constipation in the general population of Western countries is about 25% which means that 1 in 4 individuals complains of this symptom which is common to many diseases.
The prolonged stagnation of feces in the large intestine promotes the proliferation of 'enemy germs' and the decomposition of food residues with the formation of toxins that enter the bloodstream.
To eliminate these toxins, numerous areas of our body are involved (kidneys, liver, respiratory tract, skin) which can therefore suffer.
Regular use of the Bio Fluff device helps to restore the rhythm of evacuations as it stimulates bowel movements and therefore exerts a beneficial action by improving the state of 'well-being' of our body.

The 'irritable bowel syndrome' is part of a vast chapter dealing with intestinal functional disorders, the nature of which is far from being clarified.
It is a very complex and widespread disease that puts both patients and doctors in difficulty. The dominant symptom is abdominal pain associated with a functional defecation disorder that can manifest itself in the form of diarrhea or constipation.
It is very difficult to establish the incidence of this disease (it is assumed 10-20% of the population with a prevalence of women) because the patient often consults the doctor late.
Therapy is very difficult and the results are not always encouraging.
In support of dietary and pharmacological treatments, the use of appropriate probiotics and intestinal washing with the BIO FLUFF device are very effective.

There are no problems.
However, if you are on dialysis or have severe kidney failure, you should consult with your nephrologist.

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Watch the video we have prepared for you, find out how simple it is to carry out domestic colon hydrotherapy with our devices.

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Download the manual

Download the instruction manual for Bio Fluff medical devices: which elements are made of and how the devices for colon hydrotherapy work.

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Cutting-edge professional products

We present professional equipment for intestinal and vaginal washing in clinics, hospitals and treatment centers, which can be used by specialized health personnel.

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Accessories, spare parts and consumable parts

We offer for sale online all the accessories and spare parts for our medical devices, including all those consumable and disposable parts that need to be replaced each time they are used.

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Tips, solutions and curiosities

Here is the Natur Life Style blog dedicated to the well-being and deep health of your body, especially the intestine and everything else; connected to it. We try to offer you functional solutions to your needs, seeing is believing.

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