How to overcome addiction to laxatives

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Do you know how many side effects laxative drugs have? Lots of them. You can heal with hydrocolontherapy.

Let's start with a fundamental clarification: laxatives are drugs. As drugs, they are chemicals created specifically to promote or accelerate intestinal evacuation, acting as a purge for our body. Unfortunately, in Italy, there is a real abuse of laxatives, often with self-prescription. Not to mention all those people who use them to "lose weight", convinced that they make you lose weight. Do you know the contraindications of the indiscriminate use of laxatives?

The side effects of laxatives

1. Bulk laxatives
They increase the volume of feces by recalling water in the intestine, in this category fall agar-agar, bran, flax seeds.
Side effects: increased flatulence, causing intestinal obstructions

2. The irritating / stimulating laxatives
They increase the motility and secretions of the intestine, such as anthraquinones (aloe, rhubarb, etc.), bisacodyl (dulcolax), castor oil.
Side effects: colic, diarrhea, severe abdominal pain.

3. Emollient laxatives
They facilitate the passage of feces in the intestine, making them softer, such as glycerin and vaseline oil.
Side effects: they interfere with the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and some minerals, do not allow an adequate containment action of the anal sphincter, cause a narrowing of the anus.

4. Osmotic or electrolytic laxatives
They retain water in the colon, giving the feces a semisolid or liquid consistency. Examples are lactulose, magnesium salts and tamarind.
Side effects: cause kidney problems and electrolyte imbalances.

Addiction on laxatives

The abuse of laxatives concerns the consequences deriving from chronic use, from addiction. These drugs are addictive, putting the patient in a dangerous vicious circle. Like? It is immediately explained: the purgative not only causes the emptying of the fecal material in the terminal area, but of the whole colon; to restore sufficient material for a subsequent spontaneous evacuation it takes several days, causing discomfort in the patient and leading to a new intake of the laxative. The contraindications that come over time:
A) chronic diarrhea
B) cramps and abdominal pain
C) atony and neuropathy of the colon

D) worsening of constipation
E) pseudomelanosis

F) hypokalemia
G) secondary hyperaldosteronism

H) nephropathy

How to recover from laxative addiction? With hydrocolontherapy!

We surprise you, healing from laxative addiction is possible and simpler than you might think. Have you ever heard of hydrocolontherapy? An absolutely painless treatment, which uses water and no other chemicals to cleanse the intestines.

How? Natur Life Style offers you a safe and Made in Italy medical device that introduces warm water into the anus through a silicone specula, painlessly and very gently. Water deeply cleanses the entire colon and causes the escape of fecal material and toxic substances caused by digestion. 
It is possible to carry out the treatment at specialized centers or at home, in total autonomy in the bathroom of your home.

Please contact us to find out more or follow our blog to learn about all the benefits of hydrocolontherapy, perfect for healing the addiction of laxatives.

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