The benefits of hydrocolontherapy: advantages and methods

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Hydrocolontherapy, intestinal washing with hot water, helps to expel fecal material and promotes the reconstruction of the "good" bacterial flora, eliminating flatulence, swelling, food intolerances, constipation and the proliferation of bacteria.

What is hydrocolontherapy?

Hydrocolontherapy means washing the last section of the intestine through the use of latest generation machinery (Medical Devices). The treatment involves the introduction of hot water through the anus, at a well-calibrated temperature and pressure, in a totally painless way, with the aim of detaching the accumulated fecal materials, fragmenting them and promoting their expulsion.

Hydrocolontherapy is a practice already used in hospitals in preparation for particular operations or diagnostic tests such as colonoscopy. However, it is possible to choose this treatment for detoxification of the intestine, constipation, irregularity of intestinal transit, food intolerance and many other disorders.

The benefits of hydrocolontherapy

1. Eliminates bad bacteria and harmful substances, residue of digestion.

The treatment has a deep purifying action, stimulating the natural peristalsis of the intestine. The irrigation of this tract favors the rebuilding of the "good" bacterial flora, detoxifying the intestine from fecal material, toxins and all the other very harmful substances that remain inside and substantially weaken the immune defenses. Sometimes, this set of "bad" bacteria causes real foci of intoxication and inflammation.

2. It improves the habitat of the intestinal flora

It reduces harmful microbiotics, such as salmonella, yeast and candida, improving the intestinal environment and promoting the growth of good bacterial flora.

3. Rebalances the process of assimilation of nutrients

In case of gluten sensitivity or food intolerances / allergies, hydrocolontherapy allows you to cleanse the intestine, eliminate waste and regain optimal assimilation functions.

4. Rehabilitates intestinal peristalsis

Treatment is essential for those suffering from constipation and chronic constipation. In fact, it allows to rehabilitate the functions of the colon and to re-educate the intestine to its natural movement of peristalsis.

5. Eliminates bacteria that cause vaginitis and cystitis

By clearing the intestinal tract of bacteria such as candida and other germs, it can also reduce inflammation in the genitals.

6. Eliminates flatulence and abdominal bloating

By favoring the escape of fecal material that causes fermentation gas inside the intestine, it eliminates the problem of flatulence and bloating at the root.

7. Complementary to detoxifying diets

Those suffering from constipation, headaches, insomnia and fatigue caused by a sedentary lifestyle, stress, improper diet and antibiotic intake, can have a great help in detoxing from this treatment.

Who performs the hydrocolontherapy?

Hydrocolontherapy can be performed in two ways:
- PROFESSIONAL, in specialized medical centers, with the help of competent doctors;
- AT HOME, by purchasing certified medical devices that can be installed in your own bathroom, in total comfort and privacy.

To find out more, please contact us without any obligation.

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