Professional colon hydrotherapy

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Professional colon hydrotherapy: a machine for surgeries, care homes and the hospitals.

Today, we’re directly addressing the physicians, the surgeries, the care homes and the hospitals, by offering a device for the professional colon hydrotherapy: BIOFLUFF HT. It consists of a certified and extremely safe machine for the performing of the intestine’s cleansing within a surgery.
How does the professional colon hydrotherapy work? The patient is made to comfortably lie down on the bed and the operator introduces the speculum in his/her rectum (absolutely painless), which releases some tepid water (temperature and pressure being constantly regulated via an apposite device). This favours the fragmentation of faecal substances and allows an easy expulsion via the other tube, which is directly connected to the sewage system or to a container. During the treatment, the patient won’t feel any pain nor will he smell anything. This is a practice with no contraindications and by the many benefits: it favours the natural movement of the intestine, it eliminates all of digestion’s remnants and waste, it expels all toxins and faecal matter that deposit on the colon’s walls, and much more.
The professional colon hydrotherapy consists of performing 3/6 treatments arranged over 2 or 3 weeks. For precaution, we can advise on 1 or 2 sessions a year. We’d like to remind you of how it is also possible to combine the professional colon hydrotherapy with the domestic one, for even daily intestinal cleansings.

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