Treatment of diverticula with hydrocolontherapy

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A natural cure for diverticula? The periodic hydrocolontherapy, to keep clean the intestine and prevent the massive use of drugs and antibiotics.

What are diverticula?

Diverticula are protrusions of the mucosa and submucosa of the colon where the muscle wall is weaker. The dimensions vary from a few millimeters to a few centimeters and represent the most common form from a therapeutic point of view. They generally occur after the age of 40.

Symptoms and diagnosis of diverticulitis

The pathology linked to these particular protrusions is called diverticulosis when it has no symptoms (about 80%), diverticular disease when it causes manifest symptoms while the acute inflammatory state is called diverticulitis.

The main cause today seems to be the diet, therefore the unbalanced and low-fiber diet that favors constipation and the formation of diverticula where the resistance of the intestine wall is lower.

How is the diagnosis made? The doctor collects the medical history and visits the patient, to confirm the diagnosis he prescribes endoscopic (colonoscopy) or radiological (computed tomography or virtual colonoscopy) tests.

The small fraction of patients with acute symptoms complain of:
1. recurrent and intense abdominal pain, mainly in the left abdominal quadrants;
2. fever;
3. alteration of blood tests indicating inflammation.

Care and treatment of diverticula

In the presence of significant symptoms, antibiotics by mouth or anti-inflammatory drugs are often proposed, but the scientific evidence supporting their effectiveness is modest. In case of pain or cramps, antispasmodics may help, but even then they are not a solution to the problem.

A possible cure to diverticula, wanting to avoid the excessive consumption of drugs and antibiotics, is the hydrocolontherapy, namely the intestinal washing. Natur Life Style offers washing devices for domestic bowel cleaning that you can easily install in your bathroom. But let's go in order.

Diverticulosis and hydrocolontherapy

Hydrocolontherapy is a treatment that allows you to wash the colon using only water, without the addition of chemical agents, in a totally painless way. It is absolutely effective in the treatment of diverticula as it eliminates all food residues and digestive substances deposited in the intestine and also in these protrusions, preventing the inflammatory state.
It is possible to carry out this treatment professionally, in the dedicated facilities, with the help of a specialized doctor, or at home. This is the real revolution, domestic hydrocolontherapy, to be performed directly at home in your bathroom.

Natur Life Style offers a medical device for hydrocolontherapy to be installed on the toilet with great simplicity. By connecting it to the tap, it allows a small stream of warm water to enter the anus through a specula and to eliminate all toxins and digestive residues, your intestine will be immediately detoxified.

The device, 100% Made in Italy, is safe and certified: both the pressure and the temperature of the water are constantly regulated by special valves.

For the treatment of diverticula, colon hydrotherapy is recommended at periodic intervals to prevent the state of inflammation, to keep clean all those protrusions that then cause the typical symptoms of the disease. However, we do not recommend this practice during the most acute phases of inflammation, as it could puncture the diverticula and involve other risks.

Please contact us to learn more about diverticula treatment through intestinal washing.

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