Cystitis treatment and remedies: goodbye to this annoying problem

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The main causes of cystitis and useful advice on how to treat it thanks to the use of hydrocolontherapy. Farewell to drugs.

Cystitis is an infection that develops in the lower urinary tract, mainly due to a bacterium called Escherichia coli normally present in our body and located in the colon. This inflammation predominantly affects the female sex, although men are also not exempt from this type of infection.
The main symptoms are burning and pain when urinating, a constant feeling of having to urinate associated with the impression of not having completely emptied the bladder, general difficulty in urination and possible traces of blood in the urine. Other associated symptoms may be the onset of fever also very and cramps in the lower abdomen.

Knowing the causes for more efficient cure for cystitis

When it is necessary to treat problems related to the body, such as the onset of inflammation, it is always of primary importance to be aware of the cause that may have triggered the inflammatory response. In the case of cystitis, there can be numerous reasons for its onset and among the most common we find dehydration, incorrect way to dry after going to the bathroom that could carry the bacterium from the anal area to the urinary tract (the correct way is starting from the front and going backwards), hormonal changes, incomplete emptying of the bladder when urinating and others.

Cystitis treatment and remedies

Once identified that it is this type of infection, the medical consultation is very important for this purpose, among the remedies for cystitis that you can put in place to prevent its onset in the future we have:
● drink plenty of water, both during the treatment period for cystitis and after, to avoid chronic inflammation

●    practice proper intimate hygiene, neither lacking nor excessive in order not to alter the intimate flora

●    wear breathable cotton underwear

●    strengthen the immune system through proper nutrition and exercise

●    wash thoroughly before and after sexual intercourse

Remedies for cystitis: hydrocolontherapy

Among the treatment solutions for cystitis, in particular for those suffering from chronic inflammation or those who have experienced multiple episodes during the course of the year, we point out the innovative hydrocolontherapy, an intestinal wash that can be practiced comfortably at home thanks to CE medical devices for personal use by NaturLifestyle. Washing is presented as an excellent cure for cystitis because by cleaning the walls of the intestine, they do not allow the unwanted proliferation of bacteria such as the one responsible for cystitis.
A comfortable, safe and suitable solution for all ages, to finally solve the annoying problem of inflammation of the urinary tract.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us!

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