Idrovag Bio Fluff Professional

Idrovag Bio Fluff Professional is an accessory medical device that is combined with the Bio Fluff model HT and HTP machine, which allows correct and deep intimate hygiene in case of vaginal problems and inflammations.

It is equipment certified in class II A, in accordance with the provisions of the EEC directives on medical devices and certified with a quality management system; UNI CEI EN ISO 13458: 2016, manufactured in every detail in Italy, safe, easy to use and extremely useful. Vaginal washing is a treatment that can be practiced at home, simply sitting on your toilet or bidet in an absolutely painless way. It is a harmless and non-addictive practice.

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How it is composed
-    N.5 disposable silicone specula with cap
-    Knob that holds the specula
-    Connection tube with Bio Fluff coupling
1.    It connects the medical devices of the professional Bio Fluff series
2.    The device uses a disposable silicone specula
3.    There is a bottle dispenser with which vaginal or douching solutions can be conveyed
How does it work
With a small flow of water at controlled pressure and temperature, this device allows deep intimate hygiene with the possibility of adding disinfectants in case of inflammation.

It must be practiced by specialized medical personnel, in total safety and comfort for the patient. Support video
1.    It is complete, it can add a disinfectant to the water
2.    It is effective, with its cleansing action it removes any abnormal and inflammatory residue
3.    It is delicate, exactly like a massage Download the manual

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