Bio Fluff HT

Bio Fluff model HT is a medical device for professional colon washing, which allows you to perform hydrocolontherapy in specialized centers, nursing homes or dedicated facilities with the help of medical personnel.

It is equipment certified in class II A, in accordance with the provisions of the EEC directives on medical devices and certified with the quality management system, compliant with the requirements of the UNI CEI EN ISO 13458: 2016 standard. It is manufactured in every detail in Italy, safe, easy to use and extremely useful for many ailments that derive from a malfunction of the intestine.

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How it is composed
-    Box with wheels complete with thermostatic mixer
-    HT regulator group
-    Thermostatic valve
-    Antibacterial filter
-    Transparent tube for hydraulic circuit connection
-    N.5 disposable HT speculas
-    N.5 HT disposable belts
-    Water collection container with vent valve

-    Kit for adding disinfectant to the cleaning system of the drain circuit
-    Bottle dispenser
1.    Box with wheels in galvanized sheet prepared for connection to the hydraulic network with hot and cold water with relative safety taps
2.    Thermostatic tap to set the therapy temperature
3.    Thermostatic valve for continuous control of the water temperature
4.    Antibacterial filter for water purification
5.    Anti-clogging system with automatic opening of the vent valve with discharge outside the circuit in a suitable container
6.    Maximum pressure control system with automatic opening of the safety valve
7.    Wheeled box with evacuee inspection window
8.    Safe hooking system of the corrugated / specula pipe to the evacuated exhaust circuit
9.    Drain circuit cleaning system with addition of disinfectant liquid
10.  Integrated dispenser to add probiotic products to the therapy
11.  Timer to set the amount of loading water in the patient over a certain period of time
How does it work
With a small flow of water at controlled pressure and temperature, this device allows the cleansing of the colon rectum (sigma), stimulates the expulsive movements of the intestine promoting its regularity and constitutes a valid natural alternative to the use of laxatives. The treatment involves filling and emptying cycles controlled by simple valves and taps.

Hydrocolontherapy with Bio Fluff HT must be practiced with the help of specialized medical personnel, comfortably lying on a bed, in complete safety. Support video
1.   It is natural, it only uses water as an element for cleaning
2.   It is innovative, fully hydraulic
3.   It's easy and safe, it automatically controls all stages of therapy
4.   It is delicate, it does not cause any pain
5.   No reports of side effects of the therapy Download the manual

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