Bio Fluff SM

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Bio Fluff SM model is a medical device for domestic colon washing, it allows you to perform hydrocolontherapy directly at home, in your own bathroom in great tranquility.
It is a CE certified equipment, manufactured in every detail in Italy, safe, easy to use and extremely useful for many ailments that derive from a malfunction of the intestine.
Domestic hydrocolontherapy is a treatment that can be practiced at home, simply sitting on your toilet in an absolutely painless way. It is not a harmful practice and it is not addictive.

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How it is composed
-    N.5 disposable tear-off silicone speculas
-    N.2 specula support brackets
-    Activated carbon filter
-    Thermostatic valve
-    Regulator group
-    Compensating tap with adapters
-    Universal tablet
The features
1.    Connects to any domestic water tap
2.    It has a continuous temperature control with autonomous thermostatic valve
3.    There is a pressure control with automatic opening of the safety valve with direct discharge into the toilet
4.    Equipped with active carbon filter for water purification
5.    The disposable specula & egrave; of tear-off silicone, soft and flexible
How does it work
With a small flow of water at controlled pressure and temperature, this device allows the cleansing of the colon rectum (sigma), stimulates the expulsive movements of the intestine, promoting regularity and is a valid natural alternative to the use of laxatives.

It can be practiced safely in your bathroom in complete safety whenever you feel the need. The washing is carried out while remaining comfortably seated on the toilet with the specula inserted, alternating filling and emptying phases. Support video
1. It is natural, it only uses water as an element for cleaning
2. It's fast, just a few minutes of treatment
3. It is effective, it cleans the most delicate and most problematic part of the colon
4. It is delicate, it does not cause any pain Download the manual

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